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Members still need to crop and/or process images before attaching them

Started by TelePlay, September 14, 2022, 01:16:17 PM

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Just posted, an image with one side being 4,032 pixels in size and the image had an EXIF rotation command to tell the software to rotate the image 90° right when displaying the full jpeg (after clicking on the thumbnail).

The thumbnail only partially loaded but enough loaded to see that the coiled wires were at the top in the thumbnail (red circle)

1 Failed Thumbnail Load.jpg

That thumbnail failed to load, but when clicking on the thumbnail to expand it to the full size jpeg image, the full image loaded and the coiled wires were on the right (blue circle), the software read the rotation data embedded in the image and rotated the image accordingly.

2 Full jpeg Image Load.jpg

Again, crop or resize images (downsize the image by doing either) to eliminate that partial thumbnail loading issue. Or, hold your camera device, what you are using to take the photo, in such a way that there is no EXIF rotation command (rotation = 0°).


Another example of uploading full sized images that need rotation, the two factors that cause a thumbnail to hang up.

The images resized to 4,030 are attached. The first image was not resized in that it did not need rotation.


Hi guys. I am still finding quite a few crashed thumbnails which require the 'remove, rotate, crop, reattach' type of edit by a GM.

Quick reminder to please rotate images where necessary, and to please crop images prior to posting to remove unnecessary background.

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