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My WE 302 Dial rebuild photos to be added soon

Started by troydog, August 10, 2011, 10:55:45 PM

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I will update this in a few hours photos are uploading to Photobucket.

Let me start by saying I love old phones but can not fix them that is till I seen the inside of a 302. Wow talk about easy to work on not much to go wrong like say a trimline or ITT 500 unit.

So I got the phone it works great but after a few times of use the dial was getting slow. Took over 10 seconds to return from 0. So I got brave and took a look at this dial a 5H dates same as the rest of the phone 8/40 all dates inside are the same. Handset is the only thing with a date that is not the same. All parts are 8 40 in the hadset but the bottom cap and ear piece element it is the 8/49 a/40 other 7/52.

I did the dial repair a easy way I left the thing in the phone. Till the end then removed it to take a look at the date on it it has two dates first 8/40 also 58. So must have be repaired before.

This dial is easy as it can get. I did not remove the wires to it there faded and was scared I would mix them up. But the terminal strip comes off the dial with 3 screws.

Once that was done. I removed the finger wheel one nut holds it. From there it is just takeing a few scres out and cleaning the parts and oil.

I did have to make a new gasket for the dial old one turned to a hard stick thing. I used a part I had for a Irobot a rubber strip for the vac bin to make the gasket no photos of this but it worked great.

I then re install the dial and terminal strip. At this point I had a problem no dial tone at all. Think omg I broke it I took a close look and found a problem. The switches where not closed for it to send a dial tone. Must have got a little off so took my time and bent it back and all works.

I will have to do a basic take apart to remove the finger stop aging. I am sending it off toDennis Hallworth for a replating.

Also the cords are getting a change to look more 1940. The ones one it are rubber and ugly to me so I will go straight cloth brown fat wire.

All I can say this phone was make to be worked on easy not much to go wrong with it at all.

I do have to ask anyone repaint this type of metal phone? This paint is in bad shape. But being from 1940 it could be worst. 

photos of the repair will be up soon.


First step for me remove this strip.

Remove dial

It is in great shape I think

under side of dial strip removed

Take finger wheel off easy to do.

Not good on part name so call this # plate thing.

Paper and metal thing next

After dial wheel paper and metal thing this is the dial I did not take a photo of the finger stop bar removed.

The dial wheel holder gear and spring.

Shaft of wheel holder

wow it is getting there


under side of dial no parts in it


empty clean it good time

Here are the dates and a after it was back together photos. Fingerstop is left off to be sent for a recoat.

Whats this a date code or some odd put of space thing. lol

Hook switch

The body is and good shape might need to have it repainted does anyone do this?



I rally hate repainting phones because my paint jobs usually look bad (ie. horrible), and I don't like to remove the original antique paint unless it is beyond saving.  I do not really like seeing chips though, so I touch up the chipped areas with a paint marker.  I have a Testors brand paint marker which I found in the paint section of a nearby Ace hardware store.  It does a really good job of hiding chips.  The paint is durable and matches the original well.  The Sharpie brand paint markers are nowhere near as good.  I know that some collectors disagree with doing this, but for me it is an balance between maintaining authenticity and making something look good.



Larry that's a good ideal forgot all about paint markers and such. I seen not to long ago a pint marker black for cars. I wonder if that type would work?

I am like you I hate to repaint anything old. But I also hate the looks of chips on things. But I then think the phne company would have redone the paint as they needed it for reuse or such. I just wonder since I will use this sucker about the finger wheel. It would need some type of paint that can take a lot of use. I am no paint person so this is a hard one.

I thought about outdoor bbq paint or stove paint. But then wonder what they used back in the day for the wheels.

I must say I like this phone the weight alone is worth it. The ring is out of this world. Only thing I find odd is the handset hard to hold with no hand using the old shoulder and head trick. lol  I am looking for another one for the main room. I love the metal case.

I got this one cheap from shop goodwill had no ideal what I was buying. But for around 39.10 with shipping it was worth it.


I don't know how well a paint marker for cars would work.  I think that the paint might be to glossy for the phone.  I have used my paint marker on finger wheels with reasonable results.  If the paint on the edges of the finger holes wears down, you can always retouch it again.

You will get used to holding the F1 handset on your shoulder.  There were shoulder rests made for F1s, and they appear for sale once in a while.  Metal 302s are certainly solid phones and made to last forever.




I would love to see your photos but they are not loading.  Any suggestions?
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Doug Rose



Quote from: Doug Rose on May 17, 2015, 07:28:02 AM
they are not loading for m either...Doug
That is one of the problems when a remote link is used to photos. It looks as though his photos are no longer on Photobucket. Far better to upload them here on the CRPF.

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The new system seems to like small photos.  You may have to resize them in order to post them.


Quote from: DavePEI on May 17, 2015, 08:31:34 AM
That is one of the problems when a remote link is used to photos. It looks as though his photos are no longer on Photobucket. Far better to upload them here on the CRPF.

Well, this is typical of a topic having externally linked photos and these links were posted but 3 and a half years ago.

" Reply #1 on: August 11, 2011, 06:09:53 PM "

Photos on the forum last forever, photos linked from external accounts do not. External accounts are deleted or the url is changed, in either case making all links posted in a forum topic obsolete - and the topic discussion meaningless.

This is a very good example, and it makes a very good case to always post photos to the forum and never use external links