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Bakelite/Plastic Repair using JBWeld

Started by DavePEI, December 13, 2015, 01:58:59 PM

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Just an example of what can be done with JB-Weld. This is a dial mount I am giving someone for their switchboard. The lip and edge that holds the clip had broken entirely off, so I re-formed the lip and broken piece using JB-Weld and thick multiple layers of tape to serve as a mold. I didn't even try to buff it out or to make it perfect, which you can with JB-Weld, as it is an area no-one will ever see when it is mounted on his board. If needed, JB-Weld can be polished out perfectly smooth.

The standard JB-Weld is dark gray when set - the 5 minute version (KwikWeld) is blacker. Both can be painted and are as strong as the original material. It is a great way to repair bakelite items. It is a 2 part epoxy which is as hard as metal and can be machined and sanded. If I had wanted to take the time, I could have smoothed it so the repair would have been seamless. This repair would have been impossible by any other means,  but it has resulted in a part which will replace the missing one on his board.

JBWeld is available in just about every hardware or automotive supply store:

I am not trying to claim this was a perfect repair, but had it been in an area which showed when installed, I would have taken much more time smoothing it out and buffing it. I only filed it to shape with no sanding. Meanwhile it turned a junk piece into a mount that will work perfectly on his board.
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Cool. That JB Weld can be used for a lot of stuff!
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