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WE 20PC Bakelite Repair

Started by FABphones, July 12, 2022, 04:51:40 PM

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Next on the workbench, this Western Electric 20PC stick.

Nickle ok but it's prime shine days are behind it. It received a gentle polish using Autosol and the shine now is about as good as it will get as is.

Nice complete receiver.

A chunk of Bakelite was missing from the mouthpiece which was reformed using epoxy putty and left overnight to cure. The following day it was sanded into shape.

As the putty shade of Black is distinctly Grey it was necessary to get a bit creative to match the repair in.

The Bakelite mouthpiece is original and slightly rough to the touch.
To help blend in the patched repair after sanding, it received a quick squirt of black aerosol paint.
But before the paint had dried, to help distress the smoother repair area, the paint outside of the patched area was wiped and a ball of clean kitchen towel was gently dabbed over all the paint. This gave it a slight 'bobbly' look which matched in with the Bakelite. When the paint had dried it received a light sand with a very fine grade (1000) paper around the edges of the patched area.

It is and always will be a repair but the missing chunk was more obvious.

I'm pleased. It displays nicely.
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