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AE Type 82 Lighted Dial Telephone

Started by stub, October 17, 2019, 06:43:01 PM

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                            Thanks again for the post . I've been looking a long time and would have missed it . I greatly appreciate it.  stub
Kenneth Stubblefield


Great score Ken! So now there are three in known existence! Mine is relatively mundane Ivory. It is great to see your Forget-Me-Not Blue version and maybe a Rick can post pictures of his Camellia Pink AE 82.

Mine is Mar 1959 and your is May 1959. What date is your Rick? The oldest Starlite 182 I have is dated January 1961 so that leaves a pretty short range for the 82 to have been made. I can't imagine these were made for more than a year before being upgraded from an AE82 to the more familiar Starlite phone which is a model 182.

I am trying to recall why it is again that almost all AE80's actually have 82xxxx coding on the base.... That is common but these phones aren't.

Here are pictures of mine.