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K6 & other GPO Telephone Boxes

Started by david@london, April 26, 2012, 02:54:29 PM

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The Ladykillers is one of my favorite movies.  I guess this will be a good reason to see it again, though the performers will make it difficult to pay attention to the location shots.   :)
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Atwick, East Yorkshire, 2017



Looks like a vehicle crashed into the stone wall and the phone booth as well?


Ker-Runch! Happily, the phonebox was replaced after a local campaign & the involvement of the Member of Parliament....

Butch Harlow

"Too expensive to maintain" sounds like a nonsense excuse. What needs maintaining on a 2000lb hunk of cast iron? Built to last a thousand years, just occasionally paint it, maybe lubricate the door hinge once every decade.
Butch Harlow


So true, but window glass and the phone inside has to be maintained. If it were not for the idiots who have to destroy or paint or just deface a public used item. They wouldn't be expensive to maintain.

Was the picture of the booth destroyed by a vehicle, done by accident? Or was or deliberate.

I remember seeing walk up payphones in town that were fine, but all the sudden some one has to get stupid and destroy a payphone to get their jollies?
There was a woman who needed a payphone because of an emergency, but the only one near by was rendered unusable because someone ripped the handset off and painted the phone red with a can of paint.
So the phone company decided to remove the entire thing.
Up to that point it was a well used phone.
This was before cell phones were in everyone's pocket..


From the local Yorkshire Post newspaper:

Mike Crowther, Chairman of Atwick Parish Council said: "On Saturday May 13 a driver came down the hill from Hornsea, ploughed through the stone planter, through the telephone box and finally came to a rest having done quite a lot of damage to the car and to the village."

V good to hear that BT were persuaded to reinstate the public telephone box in this village, where apparently the mobile (cellphone) signal is quite poor. If there's no mobile signal in a particular area, public call boxes should be de rigueur - or a legal requirement, imho.

New K6 and stone planter .....


Not only the box is remarkable but also the pole behind it. It seems the houses around are wired straight from this single pole? So the phone box is something like the "central office" of the village :-)


Generally: rural, from telephone kiosk underground to pole, from pole to pole/s until close to the green street junction box then underground from near pole and into box. Same for houses, to pole/s to junction box.

In town, may run underground all the way to exchange. Distance dependant.
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Yes I though it remarkable the pole survived, as well as the pedestal in front of it. The rock wall, and the kiosk didn't, But the after looks nice.


The phone box can just be seen in this 1930s (?) postcard....


I didn't realize that one picture could generate so much information. 


Restoring a GPO K6 phone box?
This company, X2 Connect, would seem to be the correct, BT-approved supplier of paints and spare parts ....


A lot of these boxes now hold defibrillators rather than a phone - we have one in my village. For many years before that the phone in the box was emergency/operator calls only as the coinbox had been removed.