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getting it done, right.....

Started by Babybearjs, March 30, 2017, 03:24:28 PM

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well.... here are some photos of my home KTS now. I finally got the wood from my neighbor to make a backboard (painted it  White) and remounted my system shifting everything to the left side of the closet. now, I have the room to mount my 66 Blocks and clean up all the wiring....what a chore!


after so much trial and error.....and I do mean ERROR... I finally drilled a 2 1/2" hole in my floor and rewired the whole system. Now, everything is in 1 place instead of a daisy chained mess under my house.... each outlet location has it own run and wired into the 66 blocks by room... (living room, kitchen, etc.) I have the whole south side of the house done, now I just have to re-run the second living room, bedroom and Shed lines....(north side) Once that's done, then everything will be in this utility closet and easily trouble shot.... I also have 2 of 3 208A KTU's and may have to buy a rack system to house it all. I kept getting short on line 2 and it was frustrating trying to trouble shoot the problem..... Now that problem is solved and I won't have to fix this system again.... I even customized the 66 block by removing certain positions and grouping the block in 4 pair groups. The last positions are only for 2 pair circuits or special application doorbell circuit for instance.... it does run 10 VAC....


There is no substitution for direct home runs to each location for trouble shooting and standardization purposes. Hopefully no more trips under the house for you!



Looks good! Takes patience I am sure.


my roommate was joking with me about being covered in cobwebs.... I hate crawling around under a house....


Yea,  running to make connections in a damp location will cause you headaches. It's so much better to have all connections where you can get to them easy.
I remember a system in a crawl space that the company ran the key was in the damp location, and in the spring, cross talk was an issue that plagued the owner of a shop in town.
And plan plan plan, where and what your going to have. Back boards are the only way to go. For mounting other add one to your system. I must have done mine five times, before I finally got things right.

Life, it's all about experience, and learning from them.
You have a great system, and they are fun to play with.


I totally forgot about this thread... it shows what I HAD, but no new pictures since I redid the closet... I know I posted some pictures but missed this post... so.... this is what it looks like now... for those who have seen this already, just a recap... and I'm getting ready to reinstall my 208KTU bank of relays...


Where the alarm panel and ringer box are, they were taken out and 3 more 66 blocks were added and the 208 KTU array was added... the system is now complete. want to add pictures, but the files are too large to post...


You can always resize the pictures. We want to see them. This has come a long way from where you started. Nice work  ;D
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