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Another Telephone Tech Gone..... Wesley Gilbert

Started by Babybearjs, November 16, 2017, 09:21:16 PM

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to all of you in the telephone world..... Today we lost another telephone tech... Wesley Gilbert has passed away from Cancer. He was my neighbor. He owned his own company and was retired. He is survived by his son Ken, who used to work in the industry also. Wes used to tell my of how he knew switchboards real well... so... we lost another person today that knew about old phones systems.... He will be missed. I don't know if any of you ever knew him or even worked with him... He was a sub contractor and was not part of the collectors world... Sad, how many guys hated telephones actually worked repairing systems.... I guess Job Burn-out just has a way of spoiling your love for technology... Anyway, if anyone cares... another one has gone and all his knowledge with him......


Sorry to hear! it always hurts to lose technical people :'(
we don't have enuf of them anymore, and once we are gone, it's all gone.
younger folks have no knowledge, or worse, no interest in knowing how anything works any more.
or how we got to where we are today.


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Wes was 1 of 4 brothers, all of who worked in the telecom industry at one point or another.... all retired now... his son, Ken even worked in telecom... until his accident.... fell off a ladder and got a concussion... better now, but not able to work... was drinking heavy for a time... so.....what do they teach new people in the telecom industry now? does anyone even work any more?

Doug Rose

"what do they teach new people in the telecom industry now? does anyone even work any more?

Yes.....40 years and counting. You adapt to the times, voice techs now do video as well. We average 150 videos per day. Yes 150. I work in a global environment. There is plenty to teach and learn in the industry. "telecom" is well past 66 blocks and 1A2 sets...Doug