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Forensic of a Gray payphone upper housing.

Started by Payphone installer, September 04, 2018, 02:15:15 PM

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Payphone installer

Can anybody out there give me the series of events that resulted in this payphone ending up with all these holes. There is a story here.

Payphone installer

One secret is the intro card holes.

Payphone installer

Every hole on the housing tells a story.


Holes from the smaller instruction frame up at the top front , Dial hole drilled, shroud holes drilled.cant place the holes for the transmitter mount but it might be the "dog bone" shaped combination transmitter and dial mount for a side mount dial


Hello, It looks like it started out as a top with no dial opening, like a 50A top. however there are no holes that line up with a 10A or butterfly W.E transmitter mount, so it originally had a "shoe" type mount used with a small base A.E. transmitter mount and A.E. dial most likely a type 75 or 76 paystation. Most of the holes are for the shoe mount, but later an opening was cut for a for a dial. There are 3 small holes for the long screws that secure what was most likely a W.E or N.E dial with the later cast type shroud as there is another hole above the center of dial opening that likely held the stud that helped to stabilize the heavy cast shroud.                                                                                                                                                 Russell


Payphone installer

It started out as a Gray with no dial cup and a butterfly mount. The puzzling part is the lack of early larger intro card tapped holes. I was able to find one picture of a payphone with no intro card holes above the mount. I think it had no card holes above the mount just smooth metal and a card holder on top. Or a smaller card holder like on a Strowger 75A. This would be a model I have never seen. Next it was definitely a Strowger 75A. I think last it was a handset phone like a 150 GJ Gray. The phone saw a lot of use.