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Free Dial testing software available

Started by dsk, November 28, 2018, 12:40:03 PM

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yea, when I have time I am going to try

Bob S

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I have now learned that these adapters may not work well on a newer PC. My luck was to have an old one, the first one not running on steam :-)



I think I have Windows 95 somewhere. IIRC it is on about a dozen Floppy discs!  ;D
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I bought this one:

UGREEN 3FT USB to RS232 Serial DB9 9 Pin Converter Adapter Cable With Chipset

Not the cheapest on eBay, but it looks well made, and it works om my WIN 8 computer.  Tried the driver on the old adapter who works on win 7 but that did not help.

The software is free, the adaptor are not to expensive.



Te software is still available... but for how long?
I do not know how to share an exe file.

Edit: Now it is attached as a zip-file.
Thank you for the help doing that.