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F3 Handset spotted on eBay

Started by TelePlay, January 11, 2019, 06:27:49 AM

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I think this is the first F3 handset I've seen come up on eBay ever, regardless of the telephone it was attached to. There may have been some but I don't look at every listing. This F3 is on a WE C-mount Space Saver, the model with the old style, squared off hook.

The handset is described on paul-f's site as "With a pushbutton in the handle.  For push-to-talk, push-to listen, amplifier or external circuit control."

Posting it here as an addition to the "handset" section of the Forum's component identification board.

Doug Rose mention a F3 and I find one this morning....looking for something else of course. ...Doug