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Teltone TLS 3, 4 and 5 POTS simulators

Started by TelePlay, February 03, 2019, 12:28:32 AM

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These simulators work well, the TLS-3 is a simple two line simulator that is not programmable.

The TLS-4 and TLS-5 have more than two lines and can be programmed.

They are quite expensive if they can be found. There use most likely was in office demonstrations at some point in time. They were not used as a PBX but the 4 and 5 did allow for a small, in home network with call specific dialing.

I have at least 4 or 5 of these used for live stage performances (a lot smaller to hall around than a 616) and they have always worked well.

They do not interface with an outside line, IIRC.

The manuals are attached in PDF format. Posted here in case anyone happens to be the new owner of one or want to see what they do if they find one at a good price.


After reading about them, they would come in handy in my shed if I wanted to setup a system for all my phones!


Yeap their great simulators, i own 2 of them, must be 20 years old now.  I remember back in high school back in late 80s, SEARS yous these to demo their phones, and i had to have one, so got job to get it if i recall back in early 90s they were pretty steep in price 300-400 each if i remember correctly for the 2 port unit.  But greate to just initial testing of voice and dialing, i dont remember it worked with rotary because have not use mine in years, and when i was using it i was refurbishing 2500 sets, dont do that anymore.


There is a TLS-3 that is programmable...part# TLS-3B-01 .  It looks a bit different than the earlier version as well but is still for two phones.  It's manual can be found at: