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Best way to mount 616?

Started by timmerk, November 11, 2019, 08:29:17 PM

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I have some 3/4" plywood I want to turn into a telephone backboard (is that the correct term?). I don't have any mount for the 616 PBX - what are some recommended screws/bolts/etc to mount the 616 to the plywood? I have some wood screws, but I'm worried that they won't be strong enough in just the plywood since it's relatively thin. Maybe some glue around the screws before screwing into the plywood? Any recommendations appreciated!


3/4" plywood should hold it easily. I don't have a 616, but do have the KX-TA824, which is fine.

I would use screws spaced to the mounting holes.

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Download the Service Manual attached to this topic.

Unzip the file.

Open the pdf file and go to page 2-3 for mounting instructions.


Thanks! It looks like normal screws will work.


Thats what I used.
No glue tho!!! not needed, or removable. they are not that heavy  ;)


Should I use wide or narrow threaded screws for 3/4" plywood?


Quote from: timmerk on November 12, 2019, 08:40:04 AM
Should I use wide or narrow threaded screws for 3/4" plywood?

Don't overthink it! Not rocket science. Just regular old wood screws will be just fine. If you want to go crazy maybe add washers to them :)
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Harry is correct keep it simple. Over complicating it can add to confusion later if a problem should arise.
Good luck and post a picture when you got it mounted .


When I hung my 616 in the previous house, I just did it via the two upper screw mounts, didn't bother with the lower one, mostly because I'm terrible at accurate measurements, but also because I only had two suitable screws & rawplugs for the job...  ;D

Haven't got it hung up here or even set up, just haven't had the room to have my phones out on display, so just have the few favourite phones out on one set of shelving depending on my mood...  :)


It wasn't as hard as I thought:
I made a template and got all 3 screws perfectly lined up.