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Passing of a Forum Member - Dave Hunter (DavePEI)

Started by Doug Rose, July 13, 2021, 11:06:45 AM

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Doug Rose

It was reported on the TCI List the Dave Hunter has passed.

In the Early days of the Forum, Dave was a big time Contributor.

Dave has a Museum in PEI in Canada that was amazing.

One of the good guys, Dave will be missed....Doug


I am sorry to hear that. Dave was a great guy and a big time contributor here. He was sick for quite some time. I hope he is in a better place.

Harry Smith
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Sad to see.  He was a friendly fellow.  Rest in peace.
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That's such a shame, I remember his posts and him talking about the museum.


I remember Him describing and putting up pictures of the big snow accumulations on his museum grounds.  And the telephone truck tool bed he had acquired.  Always something quite interesting.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke



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Date of photo posted on the TCI by forum member "....." is unknown.


Dave and I had been chatting online about phone stuff for at least a couple of decades. When he decided to use the old house on their property on PEI to build a Telephone Museum he just got to work and did it. I sent him many items, mostly AE items to put in his displays.

Daves level of energy and what he accomplished in a day always amazed me. Not just all the phone related things he was involved in as well as his museum but he had a huge online presence with the museum and a PEI genealogy web site and newsletter. Likely there is a whole bunch of things I didn't know that he did as well. It always amazes me the accomplishments some phone people have when they, like Dave never worked in the Telecom industry!

I'm certainly glad that I met Dave although it was only once and for no more than a half hour at the dock in Charlottetown when my wife and I were on the cruise out of Quebec City, through eastern Canada and down to New York . I had a suitcase full of phone stuff for Dave which I hauled off the ship and gave to him at that first meeting. The cruise was to stop at PEI a second time on the way back to Quebec which is when a visit to his museum was planned for. But bad weather put an end to that stop and consequently my visit to the museum. We looked like geniuses though deciding at the last minute to meet up at the dock on our first stop so I could give him the loot I brought just in case something went wrong with the second stop (which it did). I didn't want to have to haul all the stuff back home with me again.

It is too bad that Dave had so many health problems in recent years. He could have accomplished so much more. Dave was born in Brockville Ontario which was also the home of Phillips Electrical Works and then Automatic Electric Canada at 100 Strowger Blvd. When he lived on PEI he worked for Canada Post for many years until he retired. Dave turned 69 in April. He has a wife Linda and a son Jeffrey.

Rest in Peace Dave, it was great experience knowing you!



Very sorry to hear of Dave's passing.
Some of the most interesting posts I ever read on CRPF were Dave's from Prince Edward Island - especially the information and videos on the PEI Telephone Museum.
Each child who visited was given a glass telephone pole insulator to take home.

I think Dave will be remembered by countless people for a very long time.


I wish I had known Dave.
I'm going to search and read through some of his early posts. I think I found his forum name, DavePEI?
People like this are my everyday hero's in life that I look up to.
I saw the notice on TCI also, and thanks Doug for noting it here.


I also didn't know Dave, but as with any fellow collector we all loose a huge volume of knowledge on our hobby.

My condolences to his family at this difficult time.


He has been of great inspiration for me, and i can only say: Rest in Peace!