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Neat or not? Audioline Surf cordless phone.

Started by countryman, July 27, 2020, 10:34:36 AM

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Could not resist to adopt it when it sat there all alone and for under 10 € on eBay classifieds :)


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It's a pretty thing, especially in that colour.


My son said it looks like a medical device  ;) and in fact the audioline brand (now: amplicomms) is a trading firm in the business with telephones for the elderly or visually impaired.
The phone was made in China (I guess around 2010) and it technically is "just another cordless", nothing special. It uses the European DECT standard which seems to be slightly different from the North American cordless standard. It's range is up to 300 m in open country (direct line of sight) but much lower inside buildings. Good thing about the wide spread DECT standard is that I could pair this phone directly to my VOIP router and use the base only as a charger. I'll put it in my bedroom where I do not have a wired phone access.
Some people blame DECT of increased electromagnetic pollution since it appeared in 1993 but I'm not too afraid of it.