"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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My summer project begins.

Started by Key2871, June 10, 2021, 02:45:24 PM

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Thanks for the update, I am sorry about the arthritis, you need a heater in that shed!
Do you need some 100 pair from the shed to the house?

I also got too busy but am really close to finishing  the Seriss 1A2 KTU board build:

I like the idea of the Seriss board but i'd like to design a modern 'open source'  pi/asterisk 'line' and intercom/interphone linecard that fit a shoebox system, and use a regular key power supply, so collectors can power lots of phones.


No, 100 pair would be too large. My 25 is sufficient for my needs.
Yea heat would be nice, but a luxury at this point.
I'm 65, well just about. And all my hard work tore my body a part now I'm paying for all that hard work again.

So I tell my kids work smart, not hard, don't take risks.

But I've been thinking for months about what I can do to set up a portable table in the house, I've meant to do it before now but  oh well, now I've got the itch to get at least the one set done.
Wish I had the base cord for a 832, but the ones I had years ago didnt get used and  now there gone.
But I do have a few cords I can use for an 830, 2830 set. But I need to crimp spades onto the end in the set because the proper end was cut off.
That's going to take time to do.

Thanks for the interest, I'll post more hoping shortly.


Well the key I replaced in the set did the trick.
I completed the wiring of the set and test rang each line I have in the KSU and each works. The dial intercom works.
I thought I had put in a previous post I suspected the key with hold that was in the set.
I can't see any obvious shorts or issues. But clearly it has issues.
But when I used another I had the problem went away I was having with the 401B. The card is dead. But any line card  would trip when I plugged in the set.
Any way after a long period of wondering I just tried the key, and the newer one solved the issues.

As for The top row of keys, it will be wired as a BLF, as I did in a similar set I did years ago, I used the line lamps at 10 volts, using a resistor and a diode at each set using the A lead power to turn the lamp on in the 2832 set, the resistor lowered the voltage 10 ten volts down from 24 so it wouldn't blow the lights out like candles.

At that point I didn't have any 24 volt 51 type lamps.
I got ten in a bunch of parts after I designed my BLF at that time.
But since I already have the parts left over and the schematic I drew to do the field I am planning to just stay with that.

No pictures yet I'm still tidying up the wiring in the set, and hand buffing and cleaning keys, caps face plate etc.

Don't have a type writer to do the desis as I had before, but don't really need any at this point as I have no active incoming lines. And the price of service really kind of eliminates that in the future.

Hoping at some point I can use an Xlink to use my sell phone as a line but that's not too soon either.

I hope when you get your seris board system done we can see that in operation. That would be a neat system for those who don't have a shoe box unit, or any KSU or the space. When I first saw the video on u tube I thought what a cool idea, but I thought they were being offered assembled and ready to run.

But there is also a special thing about having a real KSU to work on and connect up that's really fun too.