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AE 80E TouchTone Dial Plate Card - PRINTABLE

Started by markosjal, January 21, 2023, 08:46:48 AM

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The posts I made yesterday is actually the easiest method I have found . That is the method where you print only the stripes on one side of the page and only the outline of the faceplates on the other side.

I had tried several times with the other methods and they always got a little sloppy. Using the faceplate to cut out the buttons is a HUGE advantage and no need to worry about alignment of the blank button holes with your cuts.

My brown one was printed on just brown craft paper and looks amazing. I can not believe how it make the phone look more appealing than the old discolored one . Yours looks  great too!

I think I have needed this for a while and this is one reason I have avoided these phones is because the paper faceplates always look ratty when they are old.

If you process the files like color, etc you need to ensure that you preserve the 600DPI setting all the way through printing so the files remain the same size. Some apps will always change the DPI for some unkown reason

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That is the problem.  I just looked at my color-converted file, and the DPI is 72, which explains why it printed out so big.

I might try another one with a color change.  The smallest pack of 65 lb cardstock I could find is 50 pages, so I have plenty to practice with.  I saw some packs of assorted colors, but no colors that I like for my white phone, so I just bought white paper.  I highly recommend 65 lb if you can find it; it is about the same thickness as the original facemats that came with the phone. 

Cutting it will be much easier with the cut template printed on the back.  I had a difficult time getting the horizontal cuts for the button holes in exactly the right place.  Some of the cut lines are in the blank areas between the black stripes, and because I was using the white facemat, wherever a cut line was between stripes, there was no color to distinguish between the white button hole and the (white) colored facemat.  (I think it is actually light gray, not white, but with the gray being so light and with the horizontal black lines creating an illusion, it was virtually impossible for me to distinguish the white areas from the gray areas.)