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Stan Schreier's Payphone Controllers

Started by DavePEI, January 13, 2013, 03:38:45 PM

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Anyone have one of Stans controllers they want to sell, mine died.

Payphone installer

Here is one of Stans older auctions with videos of the working controller.

Jim Stettler

I just posted this in another thread:

Here is an article by Stan showing how to build a simple controller:
Jim S.
Text from article:
Unlike the first model, I'm not building these for sale or trade.  This design must be simple enough for any collector to build.

The new design has the following criteria.

1-    It must be as simple as possible to build.

2-    It must be as inexpensive as possible to build.

3-    It must be as small as possible so it will fit inside the payphone.

4-    It must be powered by tip and ring voltage.  No connection to the AC line.

5-    It must be built with parts that are readily available.

6-    It must make the payphone 'coin first'.  No dial tone until the initial deposit is made. Like in the 'good old days'.

7-    It will only return or collect the initial deposit.  One or the other, not both!  Your choice.

8-    To meet the first three criteria a coin must be deposited in order to answer an incoming call.  The coin will be treated like an initial deposit for an outgoing call when the phone is hung up.

9-    It must work with Western, Northern and Automatic Electric payphones as long as they have a single coil coin relay.

10-   If the payphone already has a single coil coin relay the only wiring changes will be the connections to the controller.

11-   Modification of the coin relay is OK, as long as its original appearance isn't changed.

12-    The main purpose of this controller is to animate the payphone's coin mechanism.  Really making the phone into - A PAY PHONE!               
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Hi Jim Stettler,
thanks for sharing. I got some ideas  :)


Payphone installer

Looks like Stan has released a new controller which enhanced feature of central office supervision. This is completely amazing for those who have been wanting a payphone controller here is your chance.


Seller description:  "Presented for your consideration: -- The latest version antique payphone coin controller. -- This new controller was specifically designed to operate WIRELESSLY with an XLink Model BT Bluetooth Cellular Gateway. -- When used with an XLink paired to your cell phone this controller detects the number you dialed answered, then the controller switches from coin return to coin collect. -- If you don't own or want to use a cell phone or an XLink you can plug the controller directly into a phone line. -- When directly connected to a phone line the internal timer of the controller switches it from coin return to coin collect 70 seconds after the initial deposit was made. -- In other words coin collection is not a result of the dialed number actually answering."


Is there a new one available to purchase? Thanks.

Stan S


Quote from: MacGnG on October 27, 2022, 10:08:30 PMIs there a new one available to purchase? Thanks.

Stan is currently building and selling the the version 4 of his controller. I picked one up recently and am really very impressed with it. I've got it connected to an AE LPC 82-55 and an older xlink, and it works fantastic. Having functional coin control triggered by answer supervision is incredibly cool.

He lists about one a week on ebay under the seller name gray-western.
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Hill Haven Telephone Company

If your into Single slots this open source build is great too. 

Stan makes a quality controller but above the paygrade for many of us.