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Spent this evening interfacing my 1A2 Shoebox KSU with my Avaya Definity G3

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Hill Haven Telephone Company:
I had some free time tonight,  So i took some time and interfaced my shoebox KSU with my Avaya Definity. 
I got everything working except ring,  Even when a call comes in,  interrupter kicks on lights flash,  hold works.  So I made some progress

I even have it grounded since the 400D cards require that. 

Heres a pic of the install so far. 

I have the 551C unit, the back up to my 6A system if it ever totally dies...

If your 551 isn't ringing on incoming I question is the CA set up for ring, or do you have the card set up wrong..
I've never used a D card because I've had trouble with those before, so I went with a G or an H card.


Yep it could be CA ringing not setup or it could be the cards. Do you know if you have WECO issue 15 or latter? If its issue 14 or below, the cards will not work.


Incoming ring-up detection.

Does anyone know of a modification to 400D (ISS 11)  perhaps to add a capacitor somewhere so
that grounding is not required (i'm using a VOIP and not a central office incoming line).
I agree that ISS 15 & above will work.   Just hunting for a wiring fix within the card.


Does anyone know if   400H   will work for incoming ring-up detection without grounding?
THank you


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