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Spent this evening interfacing my 1A2 Shoebox KSU with my Avaya Definity G3

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400 H will, but a D won't.
And a H card has timer so you can't just quick put a line on hold, you need to wait about 40 seconds.


--- Quote from: wsher on April 22, 2021, 06:12:45 PM ---Incoming ring-up detection.

Does anyone know of a modification to 400D (ISS 11)  perhaps to add a capacitor somewhere so
that grounding is not required (i'm using a VOIP and not a central office incoming line).
I agree that ISS 15 & above will work.   Just hunting for a wiring fix within the card.


Does anyone know if   400H   will work for incoming ring-up detection without grounding?
THank you

--- End quote ---
Will welcome to the forum, I would recommend starting new posts rather than adding on to years old ones.
Its possible to modify the line cards but it would take some studying of the schematics, which I intend to do one day.
It is also possible to make your own new linecard that has a VOIP built into it.
I am not sure if any hobbyists out there have already done this.


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