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another E-Bay listing 1A1 system

Started by Babybearjs, December 16, 2019, 12:39:34 PM

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saw this on E-Bay... sellers is looking for a good home for this! wants a good price too! (but then, look at what you are getting!) and you thought 1A1 systems were dead.... E-Bay item number:163991130936

Western Bell

Quote from: Babybearjs on December 16, 2019, 12:39:34 PM
(but then, look at what you are getting!)

Can't see it, find it in your post so here it is, forever, for all to see.

Western Electric 17 Station 1A2 KTU Style Common Talk/Selective Signal Dial Intercom Unit.

This ready to plug-in and use System would make a great Home/Business Retro Style Intercom, or a Vintage Telephone Collectors dial telephone show piece. Another application could be a Demonstration unit for an Educational Museum Display.


Interrupted Station Ringing with Ring back tone & Ring Trip on answer.

Works with most common 2-wire Tip & Ring Rotary (Pulse) Dial Telephones.

17 Extension Dial Access Codes plus a Dial "9" Outside Line Access.

One Link with Common Talk Path.

The Unit is a complete, functional, seventeen code, Western Electric 6A Selector only intercom system with Dial Tone, Interrupted Ringing, Ring back tone, & Ring Trip. It is a common talking path, selective signaling system. It works with most Legacy 2-wire Tip & Ring rotary (Pulse) dial Telephone sets. Tone dialing is not supported on this System.

Extension ringing is done over tip & ring (green & red) wires with 20 Hz ringing current.

Single digit and two digit dialing is used. The station codes are 3-8 & 0 plus 21-20. Digit "9" is used for Outside line access.

The System is made up of a Western Electric 207C & 216A KTU as the basic dial selector control. A custom tone generator KTU is equipped to provide system tones. Station ringing is done using six 227B KTU's. A modified 237B KTU is provided to allow dial access to a Central Office or VoIP ATA (Outside) Line.

A Demonstration Video can be seen at:

Note: The Telephone sets used in the video are not included in the listing.

A 66M1-50 punch down block is included for connecting the telephone sets, and CO Line.

Documentation is included.

This is a working system and is ready to plug in & use. Due to the age of the equipment it is sold "as-is". Please ask ALL questions before bidding.


 :D thank you for the update.... I take it its your unit that is  for sale?


Quote from: Babybearjs on December 16, 2019, 01:14:16 PM
:D thank you for the update.... I take it its your unit that is  for sale?

The text W.B. has quoted is from the listing.

I wouldn't have looked without the link on this thread, I don't always have time to do more than a one click view.
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That's pretty interesting. I like the new hive lamps, nice set up.