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Com Key 718, System isnt recognizing touch tones. Any Ideas?

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, January 09, 2020, 08:22:49 PM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

I've got the Com Key 718 System mostly operational,  It works fine with the 832A Phone.   However with the 2832A I can't get it to break dialtone,  Even with an active outgoing line.    The tones sound spot on though. 

Also the hold button is lit on one of the stations,  Swapping phones around I get the same behavior.  Any ideas what would cause this? 

Thanks again


As for the dial, I would try direct wiring the phone to the phone line and try the dial to see if it in fact works.
As for the hold light, is it the lamp, lamp ground (LG) or ?.
The card, or interrupter. 


I am not familiar with this system, it is not my thing but the first thought when I read your post was polarity. Can you try swapping the line connections?
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Good point Harry, id forgot about that.

EDIT:IF your getting tones it seems it's not polarity.
Because if the polarity was reversed you wouldn't get tones at all. It would just shunt the dial tone in the receiver.

Payphone installer

I am selling a ton of 70's phones on eBay right now and I am amazed how many people think they don't work because the line is reversed. None of the phones from the early 70's have polarity guard. Must be a lot of reversed lines out there. Any new butt set will tell you if your line is reversed as well as any tone generator this is like understanding telephones 101. Fist thing you check on a phone line is wether it is strait. That said the early dials do go bad more frequently then later ones. We used to call it mush button. I have replacement dials.