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does anyone have any knowledge on the 212 ktu and the R relay connections? my current issue is that Bank A works fine when called, Banks B and C seem to "Flutter when Called and the R relay doesn't latch up like its suppose to. it release between rings. and then my FA relay stays energized for some reason.... this is only happening with Banks B and C. any suggestions on how to fix it? ir is this setup just too old?

Didn't you have this issue before?
Have you looked at the schematics for this unit to narrow down the possible solution.
I've looked at the schematics before but I didn't see anything that would hold the relay.
Is that part of the interruper circuit to hold the relay?
 I'm so out of touch with 1A stuff as I've concentrated with 1A2 as it's a LOT easier to work on with and not so antiquated that parts can't really be found for those anymore.
I mean you have a 551, 1A2 it wouldn't be much to covert to that, and it's more reliable with parts still available just about anywhere.

Jim Stettler:
I would try cleaning the relay contacts.
It wouldn't hurt and might help.
Just something I would try,

I used some contact cleaner on the relays... and I'm still trying to find out what else could cause this problem... Banks B and C don't seem to work right except when called from one of the other in house numbers... could the whole problem be the line voltage? does the "R" relay require a certain voltage to really work right? the wierd thing about this is that this unit was new old stock, still sealed in its original packaging from the 1960's... were these units designed for internal use only? I don't know... according to Phil, the unit works exactly like the 202, times 3.... so what do I need to look at to correct the issue? does anyone know of any documentation that speaks about troubleshooting these units? I'm at a loss....

I stay away from contact cleaner spray. Because that stuff is very aggressive as far as eating things. I would do my use a piece of card stock as a burnisher to clean contacts.
As for line voltage, everything supplying phone power should be supplying the correct voltage all the time. Have you tried just swapping lines to eliminate that problem?
 That's what I would try, but trying to find anyone who knows all the ins and outs of a system that old is just getting harder everyday.
So try some basic things to try to eliminate the problems. If those don't work, then you may have to think of deeper issues to resolve.


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