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Looking for BSPs on a WE 24B8 Busy lamp field

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I'm looking for wiring BSP on a 24B8 busy lamp adjunct.
I've looked at Paul's site for it but I couldn't find it.

I just got this on eBay and would like to put a new end on the cable, but I don't have the BSP on it

I have even looked online with Google, nothing comes up.
If anyone has a copy I can view it's be grateful.

Ok, I've looked at TCI, nothing found, I've looked at Paul Vs site, nothing found.
But there must be information on BSPs for this some where!

open it up and see if it has regular switchboard lamps, or the newer LEDs. this was out from the 1970's and 1980's. went to the "Merlin" series phones if I recall, but not sure... basically, this was used to indicate a busy message waiting station. it would have had some designation strips behind the plastic indicating the persons extension. the newer sets were electronic, as they were tied to a 1A2 phone system with all the fancy electronics of the day... I have 2 #6B1's which are the same idea, except they have switches to turn on and off the lamps...

See if this one for the 24A is close enough to help.

Paul, it sounds like the right thing, but it's just a page.
There's not enough information to answer questions.


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