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My summer project begins.

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About a week ago, I finally got my 831, 2831 sets from another member here, lots of extra cords for 564 sets,
And some extra keys for 871 sets.
But the 830 sets were stripped out, no cord sets, most key connectors were removed.
So I started going through everything and seeing what I had for complete keys, plugs etc.

Now the task of reconnecting all the leads can start, as I try to figure out what cord sets I will use for these sets.
They can't be 2831 sets any more, unless I use two cord sets in one base, still thinking on that.

But take a look at just the sets I got. I did get handsets line cards (400 type) and as mentioned 564 set cords.

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Cool. Looks good. Very nice you got one rotary dial and one push button. That sure is a lot of very small wires! How will you be using them?

As many times I try to get the right orientation of photos they end up sideways again.
Each set will be rewired as a 830 set, that is with one row of keys with Hold being the line keys.
The other row I'm still on the fence, because I don't have the chaining connector to the in the second row, I'll probably be using the other strip as signaling or BLF ( Busy lamp field) with signaling.
Not sure which yet, may be one does that the other..?
Or I could just use the second strip as an option thing, like push a button to turn on a radio speaker or light etc. Each switch would operate a relay for high voltage applications.

I got an extra metal woodgrain face plate in tone, so I put that on the tone dial set. I never liked the flash button mounted in the plastic face plate. See my request for these sets.

As for the extra keys I've got other plans to build a key set just not sure what I'll do, a adjunct or something different.

But it's been thirty years since I've worked on those sets. And given I have to start from scratch it's going to be a while.

The rusted base in trying to restore it by getting the rust off and then clean it up and seal the base to keep it from rusting again.
But the pits are many and deep.
I sanded the rust as best I could, now they are soaking in oil to penetrate the rust, then I'll wipe it down and wire brush the pits out as best I can a,d go from there.

I want to try and save it, because it's modular, and marked Western Electric.
I'll be using feet from a 2565 set that I scrapped.
So here's hoping I can get the rust to stop, then start to rebuild that.
For the touch tone set, it's an ITT, and in great condition. So I'm going to put in a new female connector in the base as it has orignally, then the other key leads will terminate on the big board on the base.
And the base cord I have for that set will be used.
But with the charity that I used to check phones is closed still due to the pandemic, I need something to do that's related to phones.

I hope they will reopen, but I haven't heard anything.
And the couple who have been leaders are both getting up in years, so I'm sure the association will find someone else at some point.

But plastics will be buffed and restored, as will cords be cleaned and brought back to the best I can.

As time goes on I'll be putting some extra parts such as cords up for sale. So if anyone needs cords for their projects let me know I may have a deal for you.

Ok, I cleaned sanded, ground, and cleaned the base again.
Then I clear coated the rust areas, mounted the feet with rivits and also the network is also riveted.
So hopefully the rust stops here. The pictures don't look that great, so take my word for it, it's not as bad as it once was.

Now onto the wiring..

while I was going through my parts box, I found some more parts to these... the key button sets.... do you want them? or did I send enough parts for you?


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