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Brimfield is BACK

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Doug Rose:
Janet and I went to Brimfield today. It was as like Covid was never here. We walked the grounds from 6:45 to 13:00. It was packed!!

It was Sunny, Hot and Humid as it is in July here the 90s....perfect!

There was good stuff and deals to be had. A good time was had by all....we had a ball.

I will post some pics on Saturday.

We missed Brimfield last year 2020. It was closed the entire year. May this year was very small. Not Brimfield standards.

We were fortunate to find Brimfield as strong as ever in July 2021

No matter what you collect, Brimfield is a JOY!

‘Twas a good day for collectors....Doug

Doug Rose:
We picked up some nice phones. They sure get heavy in the heat. We had to go back to unload three times

Two 202s with subsets.

A real nice shiny B1.

A few 302s, one metal with outstanding paint. A real nice manual 307 that I never took out of the bag to make the group picture.

A beautiful wood Weston Meter in wonderful condition with the painted letters and numbers still present.

A nice 502, I had never found one before.

A small ringer box that I will dig into this weekend.

A few others for parts, everyone seems to like red phones on CL.

The "find" was a working Western Electric Fan. It is in Amazing condition, oscillates and runs silently. Definitely not kid friendly. After a little haggling I think I got a real steal at $150. You just don't see many Big WE Fans.

Six hours of walking, always on your feet. Gatorade Zero did it's job...Doug

Great finds Doug. We used to have a giant flea market near my house in a big field. Unfortunately there is a grocery store there now.


I was curious about the wood box unit, with the leather strap. Is that the Weston Meter? Weston meters are usually smaller units, this one looks more complex. It looks a little later. I tried zooming in but couldn’t figure it out.


Doug Rose:

--- Quote from: oldguy on July 17, 2021, 11:29:02 PM ---Great finds Doug. We used to have a giant flea market near my house in a big field. Unfortunately there is a grocery store there now.

--- End quote ---
Gary...Brimfield is HUGE. You walk and walk. Most of the time you are walking past the seller's space and giving a glance looking for phones. It is that Big. I am sure there were misses by Janet and me....but very happy with the finds

It is a good time that I look forward to, next so much!  8)

We really missed it last year and May was tiny. This was Brimfield! Doug


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