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Brimfield is BACK

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Doug Rose:

--- Quote from: 5415551212 on September 11, 2021, 02:48:42 PM ---Wow you found all that at one flea-market in Brimfield, Massachusetts?
I'll have to put that on my list next time I visit the east coast.
Lots of good finds , especially the yellow two line rotary, is that a NE?

EDIT: I see its a town wide event:

I'll try to make the next one

--- End quote ---
Brimfield is a five day event, three different times May July and September. Weather is always a factor, Heat Rain etc. It is a full day of walking. We get there at sunrise. There are a lot of Bargains as well as the ridiculously overpriced. Brimfield was sorely missed in 2020. We always try to get there on Opening Day on Tuesday. In July we could not go until Friday and in was packed....good times....Doug

532 was a WE


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