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Brimfield is BACK

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Doug Rose:
Weather was perfect, we got there a little after sunrise. 7.5 hours of walking.

Two Payphones. NOS NE NAVY Wood wall phone, WE Hawthorne Fan, 202 with subset, Five bakelite receivers for sticks,  a superb Exit sign and a soft plastic WE two line Yellow 500.

BUT the best   8) was a perfect donor for my Ivory 354 with a great Chrome Cradle. Last phone of the day!!!!!...Doug

Great stuff Doug. I wish we had a Brimfield out here in Northern California.

Doug Rose:

--- Quote from: oldguy on September 08, 2021, 10:13:31 PM ---Great stuff Doug. I wish we had a Brimfield out here in Northern California.

--- End quote ---
thanks Gary.....Janet and I look forward to it.  It is a lot of walking, but it is great fun. Weather was amazing, but not nearly as crowded as July. I think as Covid creeps back, people stay away.....Doug

Wow you found all that at one flea-market in Brimfield, Massachusetts?
I'll have to put that on my list next time I visit the east coast.
Lots of good finds , especially the yellow two line rotary, is that a NE?

EDIT: I see its a town wide event:

I'll try to make the next one


--- Quote from: 5415551212 on September 11, 2021, 02:48:42 PM ---…I'll try to make the next one

--- End quote ---

Let us know how you get on. It’s about time we organised a CRPF coach trip to the event.  :)

If I were closer I’d be doing stopovers and be there for every event dragging a wheely trolley behind me.  ;D

Meantime, this link to ‘Brimfield Live’:


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