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NE 6041QAA restoration

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Greetings all I recently picked up a Northern Electric 6 Button 1A2 'Line Select Key Box'
Stamped  NE-6041QAA
Some of the contacts were shorted so i have been investigating how the buttons work
Turns out there is a foam pad that helped the contacts stay apart that deteriorated to grey dust.
I drilled the rivets and tapped them out to 10-32 and now am contemplating what to replace the foam pad with?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Don't know nuthin bout that box, but you might try an OLD mouse pad...
NOT a new one, they are to thin, and too dense.
Good luck

I would try an air conditioner filter, it's foam and thin
Or you can get a replacement key from me, I have a few removed from NOS key sets..
$15.00 plus postage, PM me if interested

Thanks for the ideas!
time to scrounge around and see what I can find.

The thing to remember here, it's that maintains some cushion and helps maintain the proper gap between contacts. If that isn't maintained after you effect repairs it may not work properly.
And contacts may need to be readjusted because of the gap problem with a new foam.


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