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Added rotary dial to candel stick phone

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long jumper:
I just added a rotary dial to my We 1040 Al phone. But when dialing I get a lot of loud popping  in receiver. Will this harm the receiver? What can I do to correct this.I new to this forum.any help appreciated

Are you using a subset?

Can you post photos of the phone, exterior and interior?

Welcome fellow phone problem fighter!
Your problem is common, and there are ways to diminish the pop sound.
More info is needed, then folks who have experienced the same annoyance you are having, can offer solutions
to your dilemma.
Most of the issue is with the receiver, it needs to be shorted, or opened while dialing to kill the pops.
The dial wiring is probably the most common solution and there are a few different ways to do it.
As Teleplay suggested, post some good close up photos of your wiring, and the help will begin
Cheers, and Beers! ;)

If you are not using this with a subset, you need to do so, as you need the induction coil.  An alternative is to put a mini network inside of it.  You CAN NOT use these without a subset or mini network.  Doing so can de-magnetize the receiver, and might even weld the dial contacts together.


Are you hearing a series of clicks, for example 7 clicks when you dial a 7, or just a click at the beginning and end of each number dialed? Either way, there is risk of ear damage from"acoustic shock" when phone is  hot wired without a subset


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