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Added rotary dial to candel stick phone

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long jumper:
Thanks for all your tips my nephew made a very  nice case for the rotary dial . This candle stick phone has a subset with ringer and works good. I will post some pics. There are nor enough  terminals to land all the wires inside the tube. I got rotary dial to work but dont want to re work interior  wiring.again I will send pics

If you don't want to rewire the phone, you could use the dial pulsing contact springs (Y and BK on a Western Electric 4H, 5H, or 6A dial) to interrupt one side of the line before the line connects to L2 of the subset. (Connect the (green) line to Y on the dial, and connect BK on the dial to L2 of the subset.)

Then connect the other side of the line (red) to L1 in the subset. Connect L1 terminal  to R screw terminal on a WE 4H, 5H, or 6A dial. This will short the phone so you don't hear the dial pulses.

The 1040AL connects to a 534A subset as folliws:

Green to GN
Red to R
Yellow to L2-Y

long jumper:
Thanks for info I will follow instructions. I am using automatic electric dial but dont know where to land third wire on dial.I will post photo

You could try strapping the 2nd terminal from bottom in photo to the 3rd, and connecting the other side of line (the side not opened by the pulsing contacts 1 and 2) to the 4th terminal.

Or use the 5 and 6 terminals to open the receiver -- GN. terminal of subset to 5, and green of cord going to phone to 6, if phone has original wiring. I haven't tried this at home.

Original wiring of 1020AL or 1040AL inside the phone:

Green receiver wire connects to green wiee from subset. One transmitter wire to yellow wire from subset

Red wire from subset to hookswitch. Other transmitter wire to hookswitch. White receiver wire to hookswitch.

You might have better luck using a Western Electric dial.



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