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Example #2 for not using image links to photos on external sites

Started by TelePlay, December 05, 2016, 08:27:04 AM

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The loss of PICASA was first mentioned in August of 2016.

The impact of that loss is noted today by the loss of all images on the forum hosted on PICASA and externally link in topics on the forum.

The following is a copy of the text posted in a reply so it may be found here as another example of why not to use externally linked photos.

Picasa Web dead ? links to JA albums not working


Quote from: LoveOldPhones on December 05, 2016, 02:09:49 AM
Where are  Jorge Amely's Picture Albums  now ?  I use to LOVE looking at them ?
the various links are not working.


Ah, yes, so it comes to be a hard fact (here's where I get on my soap box for a bit).

In my topic titled "Example #1 for not using image links to photos on external sites", it is shown why using links to an external (not on the forum) picture hosting service is neither recommended nor desired, with examples of broken links shown.

Today we get the bad news that PICASA has decided to move on from their album service to something else and if anyone clicks on a link to a photo that was hosted by PICASA, they get the first image below.

I went to the PICASA site by way of a Google search and got the second image below.

The good news, the pictures are not lost, to those who posted them.

The really, really really, terrible news is that any and all links on the forum to any and all PICASA hosted images are hereby lost FOREVER. The time and resources and effort needed to go back 8 years to look for every broken link and replace it with a new link, if the person who posted the image is still around to get them, down load them, post them to another site and provide the new link to a moderator to repair broken links is beyond an impossible task.

As such, many great series of photos used to show phones and explain how to restore phone parts, such as dial disassembly, cleaning and repair, are gone forever, unless the person puts the images somewhere else and fixes the link they posted years ago.

From a database point of view on the forum, the loss of every PICASA link to hosted images is a devastating loss yielding many text topics now meaningless without the images to support the discussion within those topics.

This is indeed a dark day but one cautioned about for a few years now when asking that all images be posted to the forum by members and not linked to an image or group of images stored in an external site for fear that something like this may just happen.

So, off my soap box, but the caution still stands. Post all photos to the forum. Do not use links to externally hosted photos.