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Step by step guide to rotating, cropping and resizing images

Started by TelePlay, February 04, 2017, 11:11:32 PM

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The following was written by me to help a  new member having trouble posting images to do so. It worked for that member, and a few others, so I am glad I saved the text, and can now copy and paste it into this reply for anyone that needs help. It's not the only way to do it, but it is a proven was on a Windows machine from XP through Win 7 (it works in Win 10 but steps and windows options may be a bit different). In other systems or software, the steps may be different but the idea is the same. If I made a mistake in here, let me know so I can correct it.

The intent is to load the image to be uploaded into an image editing program, then rotate it if needed, then crop the image to get rid of background not needed, then resize the image so the largest side is not larger than 3500 pixels and then save the image to some folder or the desktop. The image is then attached using the "Additional . . ." button below and to the left of the text box, click on the button, then click on browse, then find the file you just saved (click on it) and upload it by saving your post/reply. Up to 6 images can be attached to one post/reply,


Step by step instructions for rotating, cropping and resizing images using Microsoft Paint in Win 7


I have to make an assumptions here: You are using a Microsoft PC with Window7, the most common platform today. If so, then you should have everything you need to rotate images yourself.

You may know this and if so, please forgive the duplication but I am going to start from the beginning, using Window 7. If you have Windows 10, let me know and I'll do this on a Win10 machine. If you are using WinXP, let me know.

  1)  left click on the Microsoft Window circle in the lower left corner
  2)  left click on "All Programs" on the bottom of the pop up window
  3)  left click on "Accessories"
  4)  left click on "Paint"

Microsoft's image editing software "Paint" will open up.

  5)  left click on the small blue rectangular button in the upper left corner to get a drop down menu
  6)  left click on "Open"
  7)  look for your image and left click on the image (it will open up in Paint)

          or  (See NOTE below for a more direct way to do the above 7 steps)

  8 ) in the lower right corner, left click on the "-" in the circle until you can see the whole image in the window

To rotate the image

  9)  in the upper left tool bar area, left click on "Rotate" to get the drop down option box
10)  cleft click on "Rotate right 90 degrees" or "Rotate left 90 degrees" - the image should now show correctly
11)  left click on the small blue rectangular button in the upper left corner to get the drop down window
12)  hover the  mouse over "Save as" to get an option window
13)  move the cursor into the option window and left click on "JPEG Picture"
14)  enter the name of the file you want to use to save the file (I use the same file name with a r90 added to the end so it a new file)
15)  left click on "Save" and the rotated image can now be uploaded to the forum and should show correctly.

Now, before you save the image you can both crop the image and then resize it.

To crop the image

1) left click on the dash line box just above the word "Select" in the upper left area of the tool bar
2) place the mouse in the upper left area of the picture you want to keep and hold the left mouse button down
3) move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the part on the image you want to save and let go of the mouse button
4) a dashed line box will appear showing the area you selected
5) if you like the area you selected, left click on "Crop" in the upper left area of the tool bar
                   (as soon as you do, only the selected are will remain)
6) if you DO NOT like the area selected, hit the "ESC" key on the keyboard to erase the box and start over with #1 above
7) use steps 11 to 15 above to save the cropped image

To resize the image

1) left click on "Resize" in the upper left area of the tool bar
2) in the pop up window, click on the round button to the left of "Pixels"
3) look at the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" numbers, change whichever is larger to 2000 (the other changes automatically)
4) click "OK" and the image will shrink to a reasonable size for the forum
5) use steps 11 to 15 above to save the cropped image (you can use the same file name or another)

Doing all of the above, you will now have an image that is rotated correctly when posted on the forum, was cropped to show only the phone (eliminate unrelated background clutter) and be of a size the shows good resolution but still loads quickly.


NOTE: There is another way to get an image into Paint that I forgot to mention. Probably because I was showing you how to find the Paint software on your computer. All you have to do is place the cursor over the image (on the desktop or within a folder) and right click. A box will open. Hover the cursor over "Open With" and a box will pop up with options. Mover the cursor into that box and left click on Paint. The image will then open up in Paint for rotating, cropping and resizing - and then saving.


Practice on a junk image, one that you don't m ind loosing. If you know how to make a copy of an image, do that and practice of the copy. This is all really easy to do when you get used to learning the steps. It's simpler to do than to explain in words. If you have XP or Win10, I'll have to redo these steps. Most people have Win 7 so I'm hoping this works for you. XP and Win10 are the same process, just different things or places to click on.

PS: If you have an Apple computer, I can't help you - I don't have one and never did so that is an unknown area to me. However, if you had an Apple iPhone, they do have the ability to rotate and crop images.