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Im new here help with a full restoration vendor?

Started by Elcjn4, April 18, 2024, 02:02:59 AM

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I don't collect phones..but I find them oh so much fun. My dad gifted me an old rotary phone and I'd like to have it restored.. any suggestions? I don't want to ruin the phone by having it repaired by the wrong co. I don't even know what kind of phone it is, I posted pics on a different topic..  Any info is greatly appreciated... Thanks and boy some of you have some REALLY cool phones... Maybe I DO collect them now HA


You can do it yourself. It is not that difficult. If I can do it anybody can. I had no experience with telephones when I started in the obsession.....errr...hobby. Plenty of people here willing to offer advice & help.
I need to warn you about Phoneitis. It is an incurable progressive disease. We all here have it. You will soon be looking for a different color or a different maker. It goes on from there.
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