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Phone Painting

Started by Doug Rose, June 04, 2020, 09:31:09 AM

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Doug Rose

Richard Rose  of the TCI offers members on the TCI List a service to get phones painted. It is a certain color that he needs to get done for the phones he sells at that time. He is a great guy.

When I have some parts that will be better painted, I send them to him. Painting is really good and more than reasonable. He has a new painter and it is really good. Glass like finish.

I got a manual Brown 500 set done. I know the dial blank it newer, but it is all I had. It is a decent place holder. This batch was all Brown.

I try to make all painted sets manual.

Batch before was a -53 Red and was spot on. They are -53 but look more like a thermo red in the pictures, but the Red 302 matches my real Blook Red 302 perfectly...Doug


They look GREAT Doug.


Doug Rose

Thanks Ben...amazing what can be done with phones that had reached the end of the line....Doug


Those are beautiful Doug.

Doug Rose

thanks Gary, very pleased the way they came out....Doug

Doug Rose

For everyone on the TCI List you know Richard Rose (no relation), great guy and a friend to the collector. He has painted some phones for me that could not be made presentable. He makes gems out of phone that would be discarded or parted out.

I got a pink batch from him today and it is just tremendous. The North and the AE40 were for my collection, the Manual Metal 302 was for a customer for Christmas but it did not arrive in time. I had the pink cords (line cord is inside) from a beater 302 that someone had poorly painted years ago that Jan found last summer for a $1 with a 4H dial. Matches pretty good.

I know they are painted, but they sure look nice to me.

Every phone room needs a little color...Doug



Man, those are nice!
I am with you Doug.
The room needs color.
My son looked at my line up, he is 34. and said "why do you collect these?, they are not impressive".
I have an early 302, a Redbar, a north, and an AE 40 in a row.
And ALL black!!!
So, yeah, some color would be nice. ;)


I have seen Richard's work, very impressive.

Doug Rose was an amazing transformation.

Richard is a long time collector before he became a seller. He is an Ericaphone expert.

He is a collector first. He sells on eBay as Memory Lane Collectables....Doug

Doug Rose

A few more that I had painted by Richard...Doug