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WE Multiline "dates matching" and a blue butt set for $40

Started by RB, September 07, 2020, 08:06:06 PM

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I found these at an antique store over the weekend.
Does anybody know where Line 1 tip and ring go?
I would like to here it before I sell it.
Dates match! untouched
for sale/trade $60 plus shipping


Try connecting the line to 1T and 1R.

If you want it to ring on that line, connect the yellow condenser wire to 1T and the red ringer wire to 1R. (The black ringer wire and the slate condenser wire should already be connected together on the K terminal.)

Ref: SD-69206-01
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here the practice for the phone, Hope this helps. if its the wrong practice, tell me and I'll resend the right one. I have a bunch of these phones and absolutely love them! these are the business version of the 302. great catch! when I got my first 464, I paid $100 on ebay for it! (bidding war) they are getting real hard to find now because collectors know what they are worth and won't part with thm cheaply!