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Removing plaster from bakelite

Started by NorthernElectric, December 19, 2015, 05:47:54 PM

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I am looking at an AE50 that, in addition to paint, has plaster around the back edge of the case and on the back plate.  I have no idea what sort of plaster it is; could be drywall mud, polyfilla, old fashioned lath & plaster type plaster, etc.

Is plaster easy to get off bakelite without damaging the bakelite?  Will the bakelite be etched underneath the plaster?


Bakelite is pretty tough stuff. If it is just plaster soak it in warm water for a few hours and it should come right off!
Harry Smith
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Thanks Harry.

Somebody else added it to their watch list so I figured I'd better buy it while I had the chance.   :)


Go for it!

I had a house where the original bakelite light switches had been crudely buried with re-plastering. A soaking in a bucket of water overnight softened the plaster up and it came off with a scrubbing brush.

I think bakelike is pretty much impervious to anything.

Before and after pics too!  ;)