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Dead Links

Started by Dennis Markham, February 12, 2011, 01:01:24 PM

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Dennis Markham

Forum Members,

Although I have suggested/asked many times to please not post JUST a link to an eBay auction it is still being done.  Here's the train of thought.......

One places just a link to an eBay auction to illustrate a point....three weeks from the date of posting or whenever, the link goes to a dead end because the auction has ended and eBay removes it.  Now the Forum has topics that are useless for future browsing.

If you want to post a link to an eBay auction, or anything that is going to disappear,  simply post a photo from the auction so we know in the future what information was being discussed.

Almost always the information provided by these topics are beneficial to others.  So continue to make these posts but please take the extra few minutes needed to post a photo.

Every now and I then I have to be the Forum police.  I'm just going to remove any future topics where just a potential dead link is posted.

Thank you.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Dennis Markham

Fellow Forum Members:

I am re-posting this topic from 2011.  We have had a lot of new members since I posted this six years ago so the topic may have been missed.

Please read the original posting seen here...dated February 12, 2011 regarding the posting of "dead links".  The dreaded off-site links are still being posted.  Sometimes members post the link and think they'll return later to add a photo but then it doesn't happen.  If one doesn't have the time to add photos at the time of the post, please...just wait until the time permits for you to make a complete post.

Our Moderators have gone behind and mopped up after members by posting photos associated with the future "dead link".  It is time consuming and should not be necessary.  The easier thing to do is for the Moderator or me to just delete the offending post. 

Please take this into consideration before just posting a link (most likely to an eBay auction).

Thank you.