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Very cool! My mom lives near Lake Murray.
General Discussion / Telephone exchange name on a sticker
« Last post by old_stuff_hound on Today at 09:37:58 PM »
Howdy! I have not checked in here in a very long time but I thought this was cool.

A friend gave me an old Briggs & Stratton engine to play with. By the date code, it's a 1978 but looks much older. On the fuel tank is a sticker from the selling power equipment dealer. As you can see it lists the phone number as "ROgers 9-6400"

I don't recall ever hearing anyone use an exchange name in the late 1970s. Maybe it was a regional thing. Or maybe he'd had a ton of stickers made decades prior and hadn't used them up yet. Regardless, I thought it was interesting enough to share!

EDIT: Found some photos of the company's building here:
For Sale / SOLD WE Green Soft Plastic 554 Dates Match SOLD
« Last post by Doug Rose on Today at 08:24:33 PM »
The phone has been spoken for....Doug
Collector's Corner / Re: magicbrain's clear trimline
« Last post by Doug Rose on Today at 06:09:18 PM »
Very nice is a Beauty!......Doug
The "digital lines" are generated by equipment of many standards, most of them would power a ringer like the original SL ringer in a SC 1243 phone, usually with only one of the 2 0.5 uF capacitors. (try without the strap C1-C2, but keep the S2-C strap)
The rotary dial may not be accepted on your line, you could add a dialgizmo or other pulse to tone device. 

Are your line coming from an adapter in your home? In that case what kind of adapter? 

Technical "Stuff" / Re: Unusual WE 2500 w. 425G Net.
« Last post by RotoTech99 on Today at 02:22:02 PM »
Dear Key 2871:

I think in this instance, I'll keep it the way it is, and see about locating a as is 1500M; Since mine is configured as a 2500M, i call it "the baby brother" of the 1500M, and I think I'll leave it as it is outside of putting two new rear feet on it.

Technical "Stuff" / Re: Unusual WE 2500 w. 425G Net.
« Last post by Key2871 on Today at 02:06:49 PM »
Yes I just noticed the number stamp on the base, and saw it said 1500, so that helps, and yes I know that the terminal board, etc etc.
And I just wondered why it was there, now I know.
If you can find an appropriate dial with dates close I would consider changing it back. But then you would need a face plate as well.
Technical "Stuff" / Re: Unusual WE 2500 w. 425G Net.
« Last post by RotoTech99 on Today at 01:58:50 PM »
Dear poplar1:

I think what amazes me is as it's currently configured, it works nicely on a single line.

I'm also surprised a lot of the connections  are on the terminal strip, and that the exclusion plunger was left in!

There's no contacts for they key to work, so it acts like a regular switch hook plunger.

So - rewired the ringer and moved the dial wires away from the mechanism.

Went over to my buddy's house to test it out - phone would received calls and could talk to each other on his phone to the Stromberg. But, the phone still would not not ring or dial out - only could dial four numbers before "call cannot be completed" message comes on.  Then he says, "I wonder if this works on a digital network?" And a light goes off.

I know these phones can work on POTS twisted pair and perhaps FIOS but if he has VIOP or some other protocol, I'm betting there is some sort of converter or dial recalibration needed. And, for sure I'll bet the power and frequency to ring the bell won't work.

My best guess is it is working now if I could find a POTS line which is getting harder and harder to do every day!
Technical "Stuff" / Re: Unusual WE 2500 w. 425G Net.
« Last post by poplar1 on Today at 01:37:06 PM »
425G does not have the filter between F and RR, so it was used only with Touch-Tone dials. Since there are no S or T terminals on the network, the terminal strip under the dial was necessary. 1500M was often used with 1A1 or 1A2 Key Equipments: the yellow and brown switch hoook leads can be used for A lead control.

This phone originally had a 25-type dial (10-button).
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