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Whoops I did it again... (UK stuff)

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The Dictograph comes with a black 706 thrown in "cheap as chips", fills in a colour gap.

The chrome wallmount cost more than the darn phones, pretty rare though it means I can convert one of my 706 junkers to a wallphone.

(I bought a job lot of 10 junk 706's without dials from Telephonelines last year, managed to get 3 Ivory's and 1 grey up from the remains).

The discreet dial is fab, I'm going to screw it to the underside of my desk wired to a blanked off dial set, my mates kids are gonna love it...

Luckily I don't have a wife at the moment, or probably for the forseeable future...

I think those are all great finds.  The dial mount is very cool, and small, rare accessories like the chrome wall adapter make a collection fun.

Thanks for your moral support Bingster, though I doubt many close to me would understand why I spent 14 on a bracket!

Need more shelving...


--- Quote from: gpo706 on August 11, 2009, 10:07:13 PM ---
Need more shelving...

--- End quote ---

You and me both!

Oh I get it, spending enough money for a nice dinner out on a funny shaped piece of chrome bracketing.  That is super cool that you can take a 706 and turn it into a wall phone, didn't know that was possible.  


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