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Soft Plastic Model 554's

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Topic split and continued from here:

Thanks, Jester, for posting that. Still didn't hit my birthday, the 20th, though. It was a Tuesday. You'd think they would have made something on Tuesday! I guess it keeps me looking.

Dennis, from what I've seen, they didn't make aqua blue soft plastic 554s, or at least nobody has seen one that I know of. I have a color chip chart from 1959 that still had brown in the list, but there's no aqua blue 554 listed, nor pink. I posted a scan of that brochure below.

Also, Dennis, you're also looking for a dark gray 554 like I'm looking for a dark brown one. I have the rest, but not a picture of all of them together. I do have a picture without dark blue, dark beige and dark gray, my last three additions, so I'll post that. Yes, they're hard to display. Mine are propped against a shelf unit, on the floor.

I have a Pacific Telephone ad that shows the colors they came in too. It has light gray and white, so it's from after the color change in 1957-58. No aqua blue or pink. My pink one is from early 1959, and of course different Bells offered different colors sometimes.


Are you OK?  :'( :'( :'(

Dennis Markham:
My heart rate did increase for a few moments after seeing these but I'll be OK.  Thanks Jonathan for posting the color chart and your photo.  I guess I'll have to get mine out of their boxes and take some photos.  You would think a Light Beige would not be difficult to find but so far no luck here.  I was going by PaulF's site showing Aqua in 1957 but that chart is for the Model 500 and probably does not include the 554's.

Jonathan I would love to see a fresh photo with you latest three added to the mix.

The Operator:
Johnathan, that picture is absolutely tasty!

--- Quote from: Dennis Markham on September 15, 2009, 05:19:38 PM ---You would think a Light Beige would not be difficult to find but so far no luck here.
--- End quote ---

Dennis, is this the mythical beast?

I can't tell for sure if it's the dark or not. ~The Operator

Dennis Markham:
I spoke too soon and am modifying my reply.

According to the color suffix on the dial (-50) that is the color for Ivory.  However this phone sure looks like Light Beige.  Were it Dark Beige (or Rose Beige) the numbers/letters would be white.

The photos of the inside of the handset/caps look Ivory on my monitor.  But the other photos do look like Beige.  It's more than likely Ivory.


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