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Soft Plastic Model 554's

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I agree, it's ivory. It's also a record price for it. Ivory may be the most plentiful color in soft plastic 554s, other than black. It did look like light beige in the first few shots, though, but in the closeups it's ivory. It's a hard color to identify. Try asking a seller if a phone is light beige or ivory. You get the same confusion when it's aqua blue vs. turquoise.

I forgot to mention something about the light beige soft plastic 554 in my picture. Did anyone notice it has a mounting cord and a 283B plug? I have always found that odd, and the cord date matches the phone. My pink 554 also came with a cord, but it was separate, and the phone was still in the box, and it wasn't NOS. I guess the light beige one came from a pre-wired home or something and had to plug in to a baseboard jack. I've seen pre-wired homes and sometimes they do put the jacks in odd places, like waist level on the wall.

Jorge, I liked your comment asking if Dennis was OK.  :)  The laugh for the day. I think I've sent him pictures of my phone display, so he was prepared, but not of just the 554s alone. I'll try this weekend to get a picture of the additional three. They also happened to be the rarest three colors I have and two came from BBQBob in Michigan (dark blue and dark beige) when he was selling things off a few years ago.

I've mentioned to Dennis several times that I admired his taste in phones. He and I tend to like the exact same phones and I could really tell after all those auctions where we competed against each other. It's a friendly rivalry and now that I know the person behind the handle, I have the utmost respect for him. He can also spot them like a hawk. Some of his police training, I bet. He would have been a great detective.

Dennis Markham:
Thank you Jonathan for the compliments.  I am always circling over soft plastic phones waiting to swoop in and grab long as I can get them cheap! :)

Dennis Markham:
I got the family together for a portrait today.  Absent are White, Light Beige, Dark Gray.

Seated, left to right are, Moss Green, Mahogany Brown, Black, Rose Beige, Light Gray, Rose Pink, Mediterranean Blue, Ivory, Cherry Red and Yellow

Absolutely beautiful! I only have ONE soft 554 (the obvious black). I am trying to get all the 500's first. I can't imagine how long it took to get these. What was your best bargain out of all of these Dennis?


--- Quote from: Dennis Markham on September 15, 2009, 05:19:38 PM ---Jonathan I would love to see a fresh photo with you latest three added to the mix.

--- End quote ---

Dennis, that's a great family portrait and to paraphrase The Operator, that brown one is TASTY!  ;)

OK, here's the other three I didn't have in the picture. Both are cropped small pictures, but there they are. In December, my Christmas tree is next to my phone collection. I have many collections. Too many!

From left to right, dark beige, dark gray and dark blue. The eagle-eyes might notice that there's a Kellogg handset on the dark beige one. It came that way from Bob and I haven't changed it yet. The dark blue one also came from Bob, minus a cord, so I put a straight gray cord on it.

The dark gray 554 may be my best deal, but I don't have how much I paid entered in my spreadsheet. I don't think it was over $100, but I do remember the auction picture wasn't very good. I know from the seller it came from an elderly man's house and it had an ocean of old stickers and dirt on it. It was very well used. I posted two pictures showing before and after. It still has some deep scratches, but I decided to leave them be.


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