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Dictograph breakthrough?

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This is a real pretty 2 way system, it also has what looks like a mains plug attached, I can't believe these buggers run off 240V?

Anyway will let you know when it arrives, I've shunted 50V from my linesmans phone up the other relics and got nowt, so who knows.

Will be wearing my rubber suit if I try it.

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That's awfully pretty equipment, GPO.  I'd be very interested to hear if you can get it up and working.  Nice find!

Righty, finally arrived today, just as pictured, best set I have of these obviously taken form an "unindustrial" environment, maybe a hotel room master/guest set?

Out wi the screwdrivers, the fat terminal block, which I have 2 off already isn't just for connecting wires, oh no!

Its the missing part of the jigsaw, a 240V to two outs, one 6V and other 12V, although its idendical in shape and size of the other two blocks.

One operates the "bell" as its labeled - buzzer to you and I, the other must be the circuit voltage.

It's all coming together, why when folk salvage these nice wooden sets they dont trace the cable back to the fecking transfomer boxes to run the darn things, must be landfilll sites all over the country with decaying Dictograph transformers!

Then there's the wee junction box for the cabling, this seems to be an off the shelf GPO bakelite box, it has GPO embossing on it. so obviously Dictograph weren't so vain as to make all their own kit.

Off witrh cover and this beastie was certainly live.

A wriggling black and yellow wire thing that upon closer examination was a dying wasp enconsed under the terminal lugs!

My head made a nice round impression on the roof, then out with the "RAID" (TM) and a humane end for my unwelcome guest.

Now I rang the bloke at the auction house I bought it from to say it had arrived Ok and thanked him for the waspish extra, he (a bluff Yorkshire chap), said it had been in his warehouse for 4 weeks prior and he hadn't seen a wasp for months, well it is November and too cold for wasps here, my "RAID" (TM) even had dust on it when I got it out. so maybe a bakelite terminal block makes a perfect sorta crygenic chamber for em.

Then the bloke said "Must have made a long distance call on it..",  - I'm not making this stuff up folks!

Reminded me of another post here with the bellset full of 30 year old cockroahes in it, (I told mother about this and said I would show her the pics, she nearly barfed).

I've not replugged it up as yet but if you don't hear anything in maybe 2 or 3 months means I've been electrocuted, or sanctioned or stung by vengeful relatives of old Uncle Buzz or whatever it was called.



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