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Dictograph breakthrough?

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You're no doofus  :D  But that's not surprising it was loose.  I'm certain some of these ringers and buzzers could eventually shake themselves loose over a number of years.

I'm still a dufus Keith, but as you say the buzzer had errr "detached itself" from the top plate by virtue of the plastic leg having broke off, and all the bits sitting in the base!

Got another GPO 33A buzzer the other day, so wanted to try and get the table-top set working.

Darn't thing was dead RX end, so I swapped the handset from the wall-mount, and result - now can listen and talk, added the buzzer and its now sitting on the desk with its larger cousin and the two run off two separate lines from the Pana 616

The sound quality is quite low, but I guess thats down to the bakelite style slide on RX cap.

I might mix and match RX/TX components to see if it boosts the sound, got plenty of donors here...

Just swapped the RX capsule from another set, its interesting in that the mounting screws also are the circuit connection, the two screws go into the holes which are mounted in the bakelite handset, so the RX wires are embedded into the handset.

Its a lot less fiddly than any other handset I've encountered, you just unscrew it and rescrew a new one in.

I'm wondering if any US models had this type of mounting for an RX?

Anyhow, its still quite low with the replacement RX so more experimenting to do.

The RX diaphragm is marked thus:


"No. 24"


It's Welsh!

"1947 By this time the Labour Government had nationalised many industries. The coal mines were operated by the National Coal Board.

After long drawn out negotiations with the Government, proposals to establish steel production plants at Trostre and Velindre were underway.

An amalgamation took place between Richard Thomas & Baldwin’s tinplate division, Llanelly Associated Companies, Lysaghts and Guest, Keen & Baldwins to form The Steel Company of Wales at Margam."

"FERROSIL" doesn't get much results though.


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