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Dictograph breakthrough?

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More info here:

Hilarious tale on the amazing origins of that wasp!  Ya'll have some powerful phone lines if you can transport matter through them and reassemble it at the other end of the call.   ;)

What does the line voltage do for this phone?  It's a neat setup, has a great mid century modern look, the wood and black are a good combo.  Were these sets common?

The 6V out has "R" +/- tags on it, I guess thats the ringer, the 12V has no output on my voltmeter(s), analogue and digital.

The actual output is 7.4 odds volts, so the transformer could be dodgy or 6 is the nominal voltage?

The sets were custom made so probably every dictograph set was unique to its set-up, like all the ones I have are different, 12 keys/10 keys/ 6 keys etc.

By custom built I mean the cases, handbuilt in wood, when the glue rots away then they start coming apart in your hands.

They seem to have been speced up for whatever the application was, and as they couldn't connect to actual telephone network were virtually redundant when the phoneco's started internal systems you could actually route calls on the network.

Dictograph was bought over in 1967, these relics will be from I suppose demolition sites where they lingered on as a secondary internal comms system.

PS, thanks for the link dsk, info on this company is amazingly sparse, it's probably easier to get info on building a small atomic device on the net!

This from the bay:

20 sheets buy it now, I was skint and sweating blood till payday, its a mid to late 60's unit with "ashtray" recessed handset cups, it looks pretty well looked after in the pic, best of all it been rewired for a POTS line with a BT PST on it, so now I can take it apart and figure out how to wire the other 7 hermits in a box.

Its also one variant I had seen (and bid on before) but didn't have.

Don't you love just taking things apart and fiddling about?

I'm gonna try to make this buzz on a ring from the PBX.

There was an earlier set on ebay at the same time, and the seller said you had to use the keypad mounted on the side of it to dial out, unfortunately they didn't have a pic of this modification on the listing and I was outbid, so I can't tell you much more about this.


"This is a bit of a conversation piece, straight from the "Room at the Top" era. It is, however, not just a decorative piece as it has at some point been wired to a BT line and plug.

No you can't dial out on it and no it doesn't ring, but if you have another phone plugged in that does ring, you can answer calls on this!

The very left hand switch (the red one) is used. If you lift the receiver and press the red key down (marked post) it connects the call.

Still has lots of marked up labels fitted (Technical Office, Admin, Machine Room, etc.)


It's a big lump of a thing so probably a bit big as a bedside phone, but it would look great on your leather topped desk."


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