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Hello and thank you for admitting me to the group. I have been collecting telephones for a few years and one of the most interesting is my wooden wall phone made by Sumter Telephone in South Carolina, where I live. I have not been able to find much information on these phones on the internet. I picked it up about 15 years ago for about $75 I think at a flea market. It languished in a closet for years until I decided to hang it in our storage shed and tried to see if it would work. I found a couple broken wires and used some alligator clips to bypass the breaks and used a wall wart to give it power. I have another W.E. candlestick magneto set that I hung upstairs and ran wires between the two. Amazingly they worked! My 10 and 7 year olds love to crank the phones and talk to each other. Does anyone have any info on this phone or the possible age or value? Thanks

I will add other pics of my small collection.

more photos

more pics

Love the MIdway9 dial card, I think that style of card really takes the 302 to the next level.

Also, how do you mount your payphones? Just bolted to a back board? I dont own one yet but planning ahead.

Nice collection, shadow67.


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