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Clear Telephones (by Jim S.)

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Jim Stettler:
Here are a couple of group pictures of some of my clear telephones.
Jim S.

Wow, Jim, what an incredibly amazing part of your collection! Do you have a website about your telephone collection that we can look at? Wonderful. Thanks for posting pictures. We all love pictures. 8)

Jim ,  I could see very clear till I got to the 2nd pic and then you knocked my socks off with that !!!!!!!!SPECTACULAR !!!!!!!!!!!  Strowger Potbelly deskset WOW!!!! Wait a minute and let me get my breath and put my tongue back in my mouth!!!!!    I know this is about clear phones!!! Sorry everybody, I can't help it , that phone has been on my wish list for a long time!!!! Other people have gold fever,  I have   PHONE FEVER for this one!!!
       Fantastic collection of telephones!!!    Jim please let us see the rest of your collection . I'll try to get past the Strowger desk set .   BTW is it a 1906  11 hole?
        Very nice shelves also.       stub

Nice shelves, nice clear phones, nice phones in general!!!  I am GREEN with envy!!!!!  And I LOVE that Stowger Candlestick!!  Wow! All I have left to say is Wow!

Jim, I think most of us may be in various stages of speechless awe of your collection, and would love to see pictures of your full collection sometime. 8)


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