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Clear Telephones (by Jim S.)

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I'm really impressed.

Do you have a Norwegian one? (actually I have never seen one, but it has been made 300 of the 1953 modell. That is all!


One word...Impressive...

Jim Stettler:

--- Quote from: HobieSport on December 29, 2009, 12:25:56 AM ---Wow, Jim, what an incredibly amazing part of your collection! Do you have a website about your telephone collection that we can look at? Wonderful. Thanks for posting pictures. We all love pictures. 8)

--- End quote ---
Thanks Matt,
A web site is on the to-do list (it has been for years). I will post more pictures as time goes by.
Jim S.

Jim Stettler:

--- Quote from: stub1953 on December 29, 2009, 01:37:28 AM ---Jim ,  I could see very clear till I got to the 2nd pic and then you knocked my socks off with that Strowger Potbelly
        let us see the rest of your collection . I'll try to get past the Strowger desk set .   BTW is it a 1906  11 hole?
        Very nice shelves also.       stub

--- End quote ---

Hey Stub,
It didn't occuor to me that the strowger was in the photo. It is auctually my second strowger stick. The first was probably the worst worn complete strowger known, I got it as part of a collection years ago. I had to sell it to pay for the collection. It is in a telephone pioneers muesuem somewhere in Texas.

The one you are drooling over, I found locally at an antique mall, they called me because I always stopped by and left cards regarding buying telephones.  I paid $650 back when strowgers only brouht $1800.
 It is the #2 1/2. It is a cross between the 2nd and 3rd modee (small transmitter). There were a lot of them made with the small transmitter, It is 11 hole. I have been told by knowledgable collectors, that it is one of the best examples known.

 Thank-you for your comments,
Jim S.

Jim Stettler:

--- Quote from: AtomicEraTom on December 29, 2009, 03:30:22 AM ---Nice shelves, nice clear phones, nice phones in general!!!  I am GREEN with envy!!!!!  And I LOVE that Stowger Candlestick!!  Wow! All I have left to say is Wow!

--- End quote ---

Thanks Tom,
The shelves were free from a friend. I am envious of a lot of the soft sets I see posted. I have never found a straight grey cord set,. When I was your age I only had about 12 phones. None of them were "cool"
Jim S.


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