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I am not able to have the entire collection out at one time so I have started to display different categories one at a time in a certain area. There is one permanent display over my desk of newer candlestick phones and one other small area of novelty phones that changes a little from time to time. I appreciate the ability to be able to post these photos here. This is just a start and there will be more from time to time.

Scott K.

very nice :)

I have the same problem of limited display space. I have to put some things away to display other things. Your Princess collection looks almost complete. You need ivory and light gray, which are hard to find. Keep looking. They're not impossible to find, but light gray won't be cheap. Good luck finding them! You have a very nice display.

Nice collection of princess phone's.  Reminds my of my collection, I used to have :-[

Russ Kirk:
The WE Princess phones are my favorite. You have an excellent collection.


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