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I eventually create a thread for my collection. I'll use it mostly to gather photos I already posted in other threads for easier access.
In case of inquiries or suggestions please use the links given in most topics.

Let's start with an early find (found in a trash pile around 1985 when I was 18). It was damaged and missing innards, which I improvised back then. The phone is still in that condition, except I bought a new repro cord and "transistorized" the transmitter.
West German "Deutsche Bundespost" W48 in ivory, Krone baseplate with Richard Bosse cap

Swedish Telverket Ericsson DBH 15X22

West German Bundespost Hagenuk W28 (remanufactured by Hagenuk Kiel from partially older components post WWII)

W28 wall version:

A couple lineman's handsets
-West German Bundespost Elmeg Edition 1 (~1952 - 1979)

-Elmeg Edition 2 (~1979 - 1985). Both "Elmeg" sets strongly resemble the WE 1011 and were probably built under license and/or with imported US parts.

-Polish RWT buttset

Unidentified French buttset. All that is known is that it was pre-owned by H. Mende  :)

French PTT Thomson-Houston Model 1924


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